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Pool GEL pool has different names This product is supplied under the name Zeofine, Pool Gel and Jolly Gel. Depending on availability you will receive one of these brands. The operation and use is the same.

Pool Gel (Zeofine)

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Pool Gel (Zeofine) x 1

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Pool Gel (Zeofine) x 1 [ZWCX4021]7,80
Pool Gel (Zeofine) x 36

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Pool Gel (Zeofine) x 36 [ZWCX4021-36S]199,00
Pool Gel (Zeofine) x 1

More then 10 in stock for online ordering, Expected delivery time is 3 to 5 business days after receipt of payment.

Pool Gel (Zeofine) x 36

More then 10 in stock for online ordering,

Pool GEL pool
Pool Gel removes phosphates (PO4) from the pool water and thus ensures clear water.

Use Pool GEL pool
Place a cube in the basket of the filter pump every two weeks. The blue color will become transparent after two weeks and then it is time to replace it.
(Dosage: The use is the same for each pool. The cube actually doses itself depending on the content of the pool. With a larger pool the cube will dissolve faster than with a smaller pool).
You can also let the block float in a float in the pool, but then it dissolves more slowly. The block dissolves best where there is power, so in the basket of the filter pump.


rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWCX4021 ZWCX4021-36S
EAN13 8432611679320 8432611679320
warranty 2 years guarantee 2 years guarantee
Price 7,80 199,00
Product type pool floc tabs pool floc tabs
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWCX4021 ZWCX4021-36S

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Pool Gel (Zeofine) Pool Gel (Zeofine)
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