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Winter cover types

Traditionally in Belgium / Netherlands a winter cover is 50-60 cm larger on all sides than the pool itself.
In France, to meet the French standard for safety winter covers are 70 cm larger than the swimming pool (pools <70m - 80 cm for pools > 70m ) and need individual elastic bands to attach the cover to the attachment pins. This is a special order and should be mentioned.

Attachment Method
There are several ways to attach the winter cover: Herring (for grass), Copper sleeve 2x4cm (suitable for wood surfaces), Bout shell 10x60mm (for curbs and vowels), work (for wooden above ground pools) and Elastic (for metal above ground pools).
If you choose Herring, copper sleeve, bolt sleeve in 10x60mm or hook, it will create a solid attachment point. There is approximately 80 cm in between two attachment points.

Copper sleeve for bolt
Koperen huls voor bout
Bolt sleeve

Bout in huls

Mistral wintercover


Mistral AlmondMistral beigeMistral Blue

Zefir wintercover has following features
  • Strong PVC
  • Inox eyes for attachment
  • Lattice in the middle of the sail for rain water to pass through
  • Ideal size: 70 cm more (all sides) than the pool

Difference between Zefir and Mistral is only the attachment system (Mistral attaches system with individual elastic for built-in swimming pools. Zefir = attachment system for above ground wooden swimming pools.