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Spareparts / Pool & spa / Harmo / Pumps / HR Pump (SAP)
Dear customer, all spare parts we can deliver you will be able to find on our website. If the requested spare parts or replacement parts are not mentioned on our website, we are not able to order or deliver. Our customer service department has unfortunately no additional information around spare parts.

HR Pump (SAP)

    Amount Number Product SKU Reference number Price Delivery term
    24 + 32Junction box + cover HR/STP35-50-75-100-120ZFPS011821,5010 Business days
    1 + 2Connection gland Harmo HR pump - 50mmZFPX6000-Z39,001 Day
    1 + 2Connection gland Harmo HR pump - 63mmZFPX6010-Z39,001 Day
    7 + 8HARMO POOL PLUS pump coverZFPX212959,5010 Business days
    5Filter basket HR/STP-35-50ZFPS011427,501 Day
    5Harmo Plus pump basketZFPX212831,001 Day
    7Replacement lid harmo HR 150-200 pump (middle part)ZFPX212131,0010 Business days
    7Middle part pump cover Harmo pool PlusZFPX212015,501 Day
    11Pump housing for HR35, HR50, HR75 and HR100ZFPS0099167,0010 Business days
    14Flange pump housing HR/STP-35-50ZFPS011348,0010 Business days
    18Pump base HR-35-50/STP-35-50ZFPS010926,5010 Business days
    18Pompbasis HR/STP-150-200-250-300ZFPS012231,0010 Business days
    19Bearing, pump side HR/STP-150-200-250-300ZFPS011942,0010 Business days
    19Bearing HR/STP-35-50ZFPS012036,0010 Business days
    19Bearing Motor side HR/STP-150-200-250-300ZFPS012148,0010 Business days
    20Rotor on shaft HR-35/STP35ZFPS010084,0010 Business days
    20Rotor on shaft HR-50/STP50ZFPS010196,0010 Business days
    20Rotor on shaft HR-75/STP75ZFPS0102108,0010 Business days
    20Rotor on shaft HR-100/STP100ZFPS0103120,0010 Business days
    20Rotor on shaft HR-120/STP120ZFPS0104132,0010 Business days
    20Rotor on shaft HR-200/STP200ZFPS0106156,0010 Business days
    20Rotor on shaft HR-250/STP250ZFPS0107168,0010 Business days
    24HR/STP-35-50 Junction boxZFPS011114,5010 Business days
    24Junction box HR/STP 150-200-250-300ZFPS011615,5010 Business days
    32HR/STP-35-50 Junction Box CoverZFPS011212,0010 Business days
    32Cover Connection box HR/STP150-200-250-300ZFPS011712,0010 Business days
    45Fan cover HR/STP-35-50ZFPS011017,0010 Business days