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Spareparts / Pool & spa / Microdos / Water treatment / microdos automatic dosing systems
Dear customer, all spare parts we can deliver you will be able to find on our website. If the requested spare parts or replacement parts are not mentioned on our website, we are not able to order or deliver. Our customer service department has unfortunately no additional information around spare parts.

Swimming pool water treatment can be done manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. Modern products have evolved so much that they now make manual treatment a breeze that only takes about fifteen minutes per week.

microdos automatic dosing systems

    Amount Number Product SKU Reference number Price Delivery term
    1Replacement foot filterZWMX2205-Z56,001 Day
    2replaceable injector for aut.chlorine & ph dispencerZWMX2220-Z43,0010 Business days
    3Replacement suction tube peristaltic pump, per 1 meterZWMX2235-P1M-K18,0010 Business days
    4replace probe peristaltic pumpZWMX2230-Z71,001 Day
    5replaceable electrode holder microdos automatic chlorine dosingZWMX221029,0010 Business days
    6buffer solution redox 468 mvZWWX7162-P23,501 Day
    6buffer solution - ph 4 - 50 mlZWMX2022-P18,501 Day
    6buffer solution - ph 7 - 50 mlZWMX2024-P18,501 Day
    6buffer solution - ph 9 - 50 mlZWMX2026-P18,501 Day
    6buffer solution redox 430mv - 50 mlZWWX716018,0010 Business days
    8saddle 50 mm x 1/2 ZALX11558,501 Day
    10connection tubeZASX105717,001 Day
    10replaceable pressuretube peristaltic pump, by 1 meterNo longer available
    10probe ph with cable 5m microdosZWMX2050102,0010 Business days
    10probe rx with cable 5m microdosZWMX2052102,0010 Business days
    10roller holder for pump mp1sp-rxNo longer available
    11replaceable pressuretube peristaltic pump, 2 meterZASX2237-2P18,0010 Business days