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Spareparts / Pool & spa / Astral / Water treatment / Chlorine/Bromine feeder DOSSI-3 , 3,5 kg

Swimming pool water treatment can be done manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. Modern products have evolved so much that they now make manual treatment a breeze that only takes about fifteen minutes per week.

Chlorine/Bromine feeder DOSSI-3 , 3,5 kg

Model 24429 24430

The products in the spare parts catalog are shipped to you directly by the manufacturer. That's why you can only order them online. Our spare parts are not available in our shops.

    Amount Number Product SKU Reference number Price Delivery term
    1KIT LID + SEAL + NUT81,006 Business days
    2O' RING46,006 Business days
    3CONTROL VALVE16,006 Business days
    4PURGE VALVE AND SEAL14,006 Business days
    5BLACK FLEXIBLE TUBE34,006 Business days
    6FITTING AND TUBE CLAMPS67,506 Business days
    7VITON VALVE WITH ADAPTOR33,506 Business days
    8O' RING6,506 Business days
    9UNION SET31,006 Business days