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Dear customer, all spare parts we can deliver you will be able to find on our website. If the requested spare parts or replacement parts are not mentioned on our website, we are not able to order or deliver. Our customer service department has unfortunately no additional information around spare parts.

Portable chair for disabled

Model 07782 11979

The products in the spare parts catalog are shipped to you directly by the manufacturer. That's why you can only order them online. Our spare parts are not available in our shops.

    Amount Number Product SKU Reference number Price Delivery term
    1LADDER ANCHOR115,0010 Business days
    3DELUXE TREAD END INSERT67,5010 Business days
    3Double Width Angled Tread 316398,508-10 weeks
    4TREAD BOLT SET 31671,0010 Business days
    4Right/Left Tread End Set 316144,508-10 weeks
    5DELUXE TREAD END INSERT (zie lijn 3)67,5010 Business days
    5ARTICULATED FOOT PAD D-43 X 2ZBPS901530,001 Day
    6TREAD BOLT SET 316 (zie lijn 4)71,0010 Business days
    6Double Width Angled Tread 316 (zie lijn 3)No longer available
    7ARTICULATED FOOT PAD D-43 X 2 (zie lijn 5)ZBPS901530,001 Day
    7Right/Left Tread End Set 316 (zie lijn 4)No longer available

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