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Relax and unwind with the relaxing AirJets™.

Lay-Z Spa Honolulu AirJet 1,96 m x 71 cm

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Lay-Z Spa Honolulu AirJet 1,96 m x 71 cm [ZBEX0713]449,00
Lay-Z Spa Honolulu AirJet 1,96 m x 71 cm

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The real Honolulu is a little harder to go to today, but why not take this top jacuzzi home?

Bestway's Honolulu AirJet™ can comfortably seat four to six people. With 120 bubble jets, everyone in the Jacuzzi is guaranteed a wonderful massage. Are you looking for a spacious spa where you can easily relax and unwind with all your friends? Then the Honolulu AirJet™ jacuzzi is the perfect model for you.

Dura Beam and Dura Plus

The Honolulu AirJet is equipped with a solid Durabeam inflatable wall. It offers the spa a good stability so it can take a beating and it makes the spa very comfortable. The walls of the spa are extra protected against possible leaks and the outer wall is resistant to UV radiation.

The Duraplus structure consists of three strong layers that ensure that the spa retains its shape.

Heating system

With the energy-saving heating system that is controlled by a timer, you can set the temperature to 40º Celsius. Depending on the circumstances, the temperature can be increased by 1.5˚C to 2˚C per hour. So you can enjoy a wonderfully warm spa even in colder temperatures.

Supplied accessories

- One pool liner
- One pool cover
- One spa pump
- One chemical float
- Two filter cartridges (VI)
- Repair kit
- AirJet™ System

Le service après-vente et la garantie pour ce produit sont assurés par le distributeur de Bestway. Si vous rencontrez des problèmes avec ce produit ou si vous avez des questions, veuillez nous contacter aux adresses électroniques et numéros de téléphone ci-dessous.

Pour la Belgique :
Tél : 0800-20132
Adresse électronique : belgiumservice@bestwaycorp.be

Pour les Pays-Bas :
Tél : 0800-2378929
Adresse électronique : service@bestwaycorp.nl

rudy-shop.eu ref: ZBEX0713
Brand Bestway
EAN13 6942138978704
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 449,00
Timer Yes
Jets 120 bubble jets
Shape Rond
Pool cover Yes
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZBEX0713

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Lay-Z Spa Honolulu AirJet 1,96 m x 71 cm Lay-Z Spa Honolulu AirJet 1,96 m x 71 cm
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