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Solid and durable pool water slide in two sizes with a curve to the left and water transit.

Pool water slide: 1m50 with curve to the left

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Pool water slide: 1m50 with curve to the left [ZATX4045]3.567,00
Pool water slide: 1m50 with curve to the left

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This water slide with a curve from Molderdisnova is made of polyester that is reinforced with fiberglass and is equipped at the top with a water supply made of inox. The durable materials are treated against UV-rays and all weather conditions. This slide ensures years of pleasure.


With its blue colour this water slide fits every pool. The curve goes to the left and provides even more sliding fun. The water supply is made of inox. Thanks to the water connection, you can slide even more fluently. An extra hand-rail makes climbing the stairs a whole lot easier and safer. This slide is made in Europe and is delivered with all fastening equipment.


rudy-shop.eu ref: ZATX4045
Brand Molderdisnova
Molderdisnova Part number PAYDLFP150IAZ
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 3.567,00
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZATX4045

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Pool water slide: 1m50 with curve to the left Pool water slide: 1m50 with curve to the left
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