Zaterdag 15 AUG zijn volgende winkels geopend: BOORTMEERBEEK: 10u tem 16u. LOCHRISTI: 9u30 tem 16u. KONTICH 9u tem 18u.
Door de extreme drukte lopen de leveringen extra vertragingen op. Bedankt voor uw begrip hiervoor.
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Swimming pool supplies

An endless gamma of quality PVC, valves and tubes of the largest manufacturers.
A swimming pool asks for the necessary PVC, valves and tubes. We have an extensive gamma in all possible diameters. For every connection we have the right connecting-pieces. We co-operate with the largest manufacturers like CEPEX, HIDROTEN and CORAPLAX.


We are glad to help you choose the right accessories. Or come puzzle cozily yourself. All our PVC pieces are in stock at our pick-up centers.