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swimming pool coating: liner or swimming pool paint

Custom liners and in standard dimensions, protective covers, insulation, swimming pool paint,...
The choice of your swimming pool coating determines the appearance of your swimming pool. You can choose between swimming pool paint and a liner. A liner can be filled immediately after placement.

A liner is the waterproof coating of your swimming pool. The possibilities are endless. They are available in various colours and thicknesses. The thicker the liner, the stronger and more durable it is. The various hung profiles make it easier to install it yourself. Only a liner of 1.5 mm has to be welded by a professional installer. We would be glad to help you with that.

Custom made

With us you can find liners suitable for any type of swimming pool. They are available in a few standard sizes and can always be custom made. You can calculate the price thereof yourself. Apply an underlay beneath the liner for additional protection. Insulation is also recommended.