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Inground Pool

We offer inground pools in 3 categories. Each swimming pool has advantages and disadvantages. The quality depends on the price.
Cheap pools
Our cheap inground pools are solid and easy to set up. We deliver some models with accessories, but not all of them. Each pool will be delivered including a liner. Once they have been set up, these pools can be used during each season.

Quality pools
Our inground quality pools are made of metal and are available as round pools, oval pools or 8 shaped pools. They have been designed for a nice finish. These swimming pools will be delivered with a solid liner of 0.6 or 0.78 mm thickness. You can expand your swimming pool to your wishes.

Luxury pools
Our luxury inground pools are either prefab pools or pools made of concrete or polystyrene blocks. It can take up to a few weeks or even a few months to set up a swimming pool in concrete or polystyrene blocks. Prefab pools can be set up a lot faster. Al these swimming pools offer limitless freedom concerning the construction of the pool. You can use all your creativity! The possibilities are endless and the result is always magnificent.