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Super sturdy above ground swimming pools with a long lifespan

Robust and easy to install. Suitable for every season.

Swimming pools with steel wall

These quality above ground swimming pools are easy to install and are suitable for every season. Contact us for more information!

Swimming pool accessories

These above ground quality pools are easy to set up and they can be used in every season. We deliver some models with accessories, but not all of them. Check out the specification table for each swimming pool, to know exactly what is included. You can expand the pool to your wishes.
Visit one of our shops for more information.

Some good reasons to buy your pool at Zwembad.eu:

1. What you see is what you get
We have a wide range of products in stock. Visit our shops and check them out. We even have some demos set up of some pools.

2. Sharp prices
We try to offer competitive prices across the board.

3. Advice on swimming pools and accessories