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Above ground pool

We have above ground pools in 3 categories. Each swimming pool has advantages and disadvantages. The quality depends on the price.
Cheap pools
Our cheap pools are fully equipped and thatís why they are extremely easy to set up. These pools can be perfectly used during a whole summer or during a sudden heat wave. Itís best to put this type of pools away in the winter.

Quality pools
Our above ground quality pools are solid and easy to set up. The installation of such a swimming pool doesnít take any longer than it takes for cheap swimming pools. We deliver some models with accessories, but not all of them. Once they have been set up, these pools can be used during each season.

Luxury pools
Our above ground luxury pools are made of metal and are available as round pools or as 8 shaped pools. They have been designed for a nice finish. These swimming pools will be delivered with a solid liner, 0.6 or 0.78 mm thick. You can freely choose all other accessories.