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Replace LED lights for your swimming pool

Led replacement bulb PAR56 color program

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Led bulb white/ 12 color program + distance control [ZIIX2060]188,00
Led bulb white/ 12 color program + distance control

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Replace pool lighting LED bulb

You still have an old halogen bulb and you would like to replace it with an LED version. The standard LED bulbs are always flat so they do not fit in your PAR 56 casing anymore, but this is all in the past. With this PAR 56 LED bulb you can easily replace your old halogen bulbs with low energy LED bulbs.

Ecoproof light
Mini projector
Flat projector

rudy-shop.eu ref: ZIIX2060
EAN13 3700450502679
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 188,00
LED color RBG warm white
Dimensions 178*100mm
Volt 12V AC/DC
Amount of LED's 104x SMD 5050 RGB CHIP 1x 12W COB Warm white
Power supply No
Angle 120
Screwterminal PAR56
Protection level IP68
Watt 20
Lifespan 30000
Materials Glass
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZIIX2060

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Led replacement bulb PAR56 color program Led replacement bulb PAR56 color program
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