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Starlight PLS200 led RGB [ZIIX4040]55,50

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Starlight PLW400 led white [ZIIX4020]102,00Not in stock

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Starlight PLW700 led white [ZIIX4025]137,00
Starlight PLS200 led RGB

More then 10 in stock for online ordering, Expected delivery time is 1 to 3 business days after receipt of payment.

Starlight PLW400 led white

0 in stock for online ordering, Not in stock, Expected delivery time unknown

Starlight PLW700 led white

5 in stock for online ordering, Expected delivery time is 1 to 3 business days after receipt of payment.

These Chinese LED lights for wide walled swimming pools are available in different powers. You can choose out of white LEDs or LEDs with the RGB-system (Red, Green and Blue). Thanks to these three colors, the lamp can display 16 different colors.


You will notice the abbreviations PLS (Pool Light Spectrum, color) and PLW (Pool Light White, white). The power of the Starlight is indicated with 50, 200, 400 and 700. These numbers don’t represent a unit or a quantity. The higher the number, the stronger the light.

Protection of temperature

The Starlight LED lamps have a built-in system to protect it against high temperatures. This way, the temperature can’t rise too high and extends the durability considerably.


The LED lamps have a durability of 60.000 burning hours. That’s about 2500 days or 357 weeks or 82 months or almost 7 years if the light would remain lit uninterrupted.

Thanks to low power consumption, your electric bill won’t scare you. On top of this economizing, you will save on the maintenance.

The box contains:

Caution: you will need an installation kit and wall passage per lamp. These are NOT included. Don’t forget to order them. The transformer and junction box need to be ordered additionally.


rudy-shop.eu ref: ZIIX4040 ZIIX4020 ZIIX4025
warranty 2 years guarantee 2 years guarantee 2 years guarantee
Price 55,50 102,00 137,00
Pool lamp niche Wall throughput Wall throughput Wall throughput
ultra flat shape Yes Yes Yes
Power supply No No No
Color RGB White White
Consumption (kW) 0.035 0.050
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZIIX4040 ZIIX4020 ZIIX4025

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