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Adagio Plus

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Adagio Plus RGB 55W, 2500 lm, Diameter 10,0cm [ZIIX2911]572,00Not in stock
Adagio Plus RGB 55W, 2500 lm, Diameter 10,0cm

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The Spectravision Adagio plus is top of the bill when it comes to swimming pool lighting. The light intensity is linked to low energy usage and little maintenance. The modern design ggives the swimming pool an elegant look and feel. The extended range of adjustable colors sets the right mood for your swimming pool.

Our wide range of front panels offers you the possibility the personalize your swimming pool to your wishes. The panels are available different shapes, colors and materials.Adagio Plus is suited for existing pools (retrofitting)as well as swimming pools in progress.

There are two sizes. A diameter of 100 or 170 mm. .

You need the following to install your Adagio+ lamp:

You can find a clear overview of the manufacturer below.


rudy-shop.eu ref: ZIIX2911
Brand Spectravision LED lampen
Spectravision LED lampen Part number PLA100-RGB
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 572,00
Lumens 2500
Power supply No
Kabel lenght (m) 4.0
ultra flat shape Yes
Pool lamp niche No
Consumption (kW) 0,055
Diameter (cm) 10.0
Color RGB
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZIIX2911

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Adagio Plus Adagio Plus
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Spectravision LED lampen