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Lights for swimming pools

Easily illuminate your upground swimming pool with this white and coloured lighting.
Led or halogen
With our lighting you can illuminate your pool with halogen or led lamps. Take a look at the various possibilities and illuminate your pool with just white spots or with the colours of the rainbow.

Led and halogen
Swimming as fun at night as it is in daytime. That is why it is so important to have the right swimming pool lights. Our product range of pool lights consist out of outdated halogen lamps and new LED-lights. The production of halogen lights reduces by the years. LED production on the other hand keeps increasing.

LED lights have a lower usage, an extended durability and a bigger color spectrum than halogen lights. There are 12 color programs present in the system. A LED light fits in a casing of light bulbs and halogen lamps like a glove. The manufacturers of LED lamps take the measurements of the original casing in account while developing the new LED lights.

How to install lights?
Preferences are everything. One prefers to have more illuminated swimming pools, someone else might prefers to have it slightly more intimate. We have one general guideline: a light has to be installed every 4 metre throughout the length of your swimming pool. Make sure the lights are not pointed in the direction of your terrace, it will irritate your eyes.

Aqua De-light
We offer you a comped kit to replace the Aqua Delight lamps. You can find them at the Moonlight Spectravision and Adagio Plus.

CAUTION: you can find the replacement kits below with the options. Make sure you choose the spare kit. This set is specially designed and composed for the Aqua De-light. The replacement is not possible with only the lamp.

The Moonlight gives you the opportunity to choose between white LEDs or LEDs with the RGB system. The Adagio Plus offers you a replacement kit with white LEDs