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Stainless steel swimming pool steps

Stainless stell ladders and hand-rails for inground pools.
European swimming pool ladders
Our pool steps and hand-rails for inground pools are made in Europe. All of our ladders are made of high-quality Inox RVS 304 or RVS 316. There are different models available. Most pool ladders are equipped with an anti-slip layer.

Normal pool steps can cause problems in combination with a pool cover. When closing the cover, the ladder has to be removed or a ladder cut-out has to be provided into the pool cover. Pool steps consisting of two parts are the ideal solution. If you still want to keep ordinary steps, you can make use of the extra fastenings.

Note: Stainless steel articles and especially welded parts are not covered by the guarantee when used in salt-electrolysed swimming pools. In case of salt electrolysis, we recommend to ground all separate parts separately to prevent premature discoloration or oxidation. Also important are the correct values of your water: Chlorine max. 1.5 ppm, Ph between 7.2 - 7.6 and the alkalinity between 80 - 150 ppm.