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Mastic leak

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Mastic leak [ZALX6080]24,00Not in stock
Mastic leak

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With this paste you can easily fix a leak in your swimming pool. This product dries very quick and is of high quality. It can be sandpapered, dyed and deformed.

Mastic leak dries in less than 10 minutes when used in a temperature of 20C. Do not forget to clean and degrease the surface before you apply Mastic leak. Also rust must be completely removed.
Cut off the necessary quantity and mold it untill it is homogeneous. Apply it to the leak within 2 minutes. Press it firmly untill the gap is closed. Wash your hands afterwards to avoid irritation.

rudy-shop.eu ref: ZALX6080
Brand IT3
EAN13 8436023350273
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 24,00
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZALX6080

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Mastic leak Mastic leak
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