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Fix a Leak - swimming pool leak repair

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Fix a Leak - swimming pool leak repair [ZALX6010]86,50
Fix a Leak - swimming pool leak repair

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Fix a Leak - unique product to close leaks
Fix a leak is a fluid with which leaks in pools, spas, sanitary materials, liners, pipes, and seals can be repaired.
The concentrated mixture can close leaks in almost every matter (stone, plumbing, etc.).
The product can give little holes with a diameter of about 3 mm a permanent waterproof seal. The fluid is available in a bottle of 1 liter.

User manual - shake properly before use
You can repair the leak by adding the fluid to the water during filtration or you can also add fix a leak to the water nearby the suspected leak in the pool. The fluid will automatically fill the leak. To close the leak, you first have to remove the cartridge filter or set your sand filter on "circulation".

1. Stop the filtration system before adding fix a leak to the water by bypassing the sand filter ton (6 way valve on "circulation"). Cartridge filters: remove the DE-cartouche-elements from the filter tank. Let the water circulate through an empty tank.
2. When the pumpis operating, slowly add the fluid via the skimmer or via any suction system.
3. After you have added Fix a Leak to the water, you must regulate the suction via the skimmer/bottom outlet. If this isn't possible, you can potentially use a bottom suction. This can be placed in the deepest part of the pool without difficulty and be connected to the normal connection with the main drain. Place the valve for the filter on the normal suction position.
4. Fix a Leak is very thick and will fairly quickly make its way to the deepest part of your pool. Fix a Leak has to be mixed in suspension, or manual via a "pool brush", or mechanically via an automatic pool cleaner every 4 to 6 hours during the water circulation.
5. You have to let the water circulate until the leak is closed.
6. Mark the water level and check during 2 to 3 days to verify if the leak has vanished.
7. After you have closed the leak and the repair time has been respected (24 to 48 hours),you can restart normal filtration. With sand filters you have to put the valve on the filtration setting and resume the normal procedure. A backwash of the non-used Fix a Leak is required. With other systems you have to place the filter back in the tank and resume the normal procedure. The non-used Fix a Leak has to be rinsed. Note: never let cartouches dry without having cleaned them first.
8. If necessary you have to repeat the treatment

Leaks in the suction system
Leaks in the suction system are visible through air bubbles in the filter pump. Often the pump doesn't work when the suction system is leaking. A normal water circulation and a pump that doesn't work would prevent Fix a Leak to reach the leak. You have to reverse the water circulation to force the product through the leak under pressure.

Preferably you have to apply a pressure of 0.0035-0.0070 bar until the leak is closed. When this has happened, you have to raise the pressure little by little to 0.0105-0.0175 bar to guarantee a proper closure. Very important: after the leak in the suction system is closed, the repaired system has to be stopped for a minimum of 48 hours.

The product takes time to close and harden.

Various leakes
In case you suspect leaks at connections in the pool (ex.: return connections, lamps, steps, etc.), stop the pump.

Apply the product via a bottle (ketchup bottle) directly to the leak. Let the product work for a minimum of 48 hours before resuming the water circulation.

Fix a Leak can also be used pre-empively. The product covers every surface it comes into contact with and prevents the forming of rust or infestation.

Use about 200 grams of fluid per 4000 liters for leaks in spas
Use about 900 grams of fluid for swimming pools with a content of about 83,000 liters.

Rupture in liner
In case of a rupture in the liner, it is best to use the liner repair kit.
With this PVC foil can be glued.

rudy-shop.eu ref: ZALX6010
Brand Fix a leak
Fix a leak Part number FIX A LEAK
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 86,50
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZALX6010

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Fix a Leak - swimming pool leak repair Fix a Leak - swimming pool leak repair
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