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Accessories for building a swimming pool

Build your own swimming pool with the quality parts from our online shop.

Parts to build your swimming pool

Are you interested in building a swimming pool in your garden? Would you like to build this pool yourself? In that case we can be of service to you. We have a wide range of different products. With these products it is not only easy(er) to build your own swimming pool, but you are also sure to get quality products. All products on our website are of the highest quality, thus guaranteeing a long life span for your beautiful swimming pool. 

What's involved in building a swimming pool?

We have divided our product range into 5 different categories: electricity, lighting, PVC, pool fittings and irrigation. Below you will find a brief explanation for each category.


Electricity swimming pool

Of course, no swimming pool can function without electricity. Among other things, electricity is needed to heat the water and for a so-called safety transformer. A transformer is required by European law if you use electrical appliances in or around your swimming pool. Our range also includes various electrical cabinets and an overcurrent controller.

Pool lighting: LED lighting or halogen?

Do you want to create a lot of atmosphere in your pool? Then you have many options with the lighting. Lighting in and around a pool not only makes the pool safer, but also much more atmospheric. We supply many products in the field of lighting. Think of lighting for inground pools, lighting for above ground swimming pools, floating lighting, replacement lamps and accessories for pool lighting.

PVC: building your own swimming pool

When building your own swimming pool, you always have to deal with PVC parts, such as cranes and pipes. In our assortment you can find a wide range of all kinds of PVC parts. We are also happy to help you choose the right fittings, so that you can build a beautiful and well-functioning swimming pool yourself.

Pool fittings: building your own pool starts with pool fittings

For good filtration and water purification, you will need various pool fittings. Think of injectors, a level regulator, a wall outlet, a bottom outlet and a skimmer. All these products can be found under the heading 'pool fittings'. By the way, all our pool fittings are available in different colors!


Sometimes it is necessary to collect rainwater and use it later in your pool. This rainwater can also be used to clean the pool. Such irrigation equipment is supplied by us. Think of a sweat hose, a garden hose and a flexible water reservoir.