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Oval pool liner, all possible pool liners

Placing your own pool liner

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Pool liners: different colours and thickness
These oval pool liners are available in various standard sizes and with a depth of 1.2, 1.32 or 1.5 metres. These liners are available in different colours and thickness.

Types of profiles for various pools
There are 3 attachment methods possible for a liner. The profile you have determines which liner you is the best to order.

Hung profile
If you have a hung profile, choose a hung liner. Such a liner is provided with a hook at the end. This makes it easy to attach the liner to the hung profile.

Overlap pool liner
An overlap liner contains no thickening and is made about 5 to 10 cm higher than the pool. The liner is simply hung over the edge of the pool, where a profile is added to hold the liner in place.

A liner with V-profile is not made higher than the pool. The edge of the liner is provided with a V-profile that fits exactly over the edge of the pool. Such as an overlap liner, where a profile is placed over it.

Custom made pool liner

The options are limitless. Can't find the liner you are looking for? You can calculate here the price for a custom made liner that will fit your swimming pool and according to your preferences.