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History of Rudy-shop.eu

We are experts in online sales of equipment, accessories and spare parts for swimming pools from the greatest manufacturers, from Polaris to Astral, Hayward to Pentair... Our equipment and accessories for swimming pool, garden, wellness cover a wide range of products, from pool cleaners (mechanical pool cleaners or electronic pool cleaners) to heat pumps, from sand filters to swimming pool protection covers. With Rudy-shop.eu you can purchase your swimming pool accessories in total security.

Our logistics centre guarantees you our swimming pool equipment is always in stock and fast delivered. Rudy-shop.eu offers you some advice of use and commissioning advice for swimming pool material to solve common problems. Swimming pool advice concern all areas, such as swimming pool cleaning, water filtration, swimming pool equipment, swimming pool accessories maintenance. Our goal is to help you easily choose quality equipment for your swimming pool via our website to your satisfaction.

Our knowledge and expertise in technical material for swimming pool allow us to offer you pool equipment brands with unique performance and reliability. The website is regularly updated with new products and new references from the greatest pool material brands. Thanks to our partnership with the leading pool equipment suppliers, be sure to always find the spare part you you'll need in case one of your swimming pool accessory is used-up or broken. Our spare parts section is unique in the market and you'll always find some appropriate advice in our swimming pool advice section!

The start
After building his own swimming pool in his garden, Rudy Peemans started Rudy-shop.eu in 2005. In a short time the website grew into one of the most influential online swimming pool shops of Europe.

In 2008 Rudy, together with his son Joeri, opened a new pickup and advice centre in Belgium. That branch gave swimming pool owners even more confidence and insight into the expertise of Rudy-shop.eu. Thanks to that confidence, the website grew into the pioneer of the swimming pool sector. In 2012, father and son saw the opportunity to expand their stock. And they took that opportunity with both hands. A large part of the goods has since then been held at a logistics partner. This way, orders can be processed and shipped even more quickly within Europe.

In 2009, the first self-developed product saw the light. This made Rudy-shop.eu the first player who delivered from factory to end customer. That opened perspectives and resulted in even more European collaborations. Various products like solar panels, swimming pool filters, pumps, bubble foils, now carry the name of the house brand Harmo Pool.

The future
Rudy-shop.eu continues to expand its limits daily for more expertise, more growth and more summer.