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Azuro Inverter heat pumps

Azuro Inverter heat pumps

Inverter swimming pool heat pumps

The Azuro INVERTER is suitable for above ground pools and built-in pools up to 50m (depending on type). We have the right connections for each pool. Contact us or ask in our shops.

Specifications inverter pool heat pump

A conventional heat pump has only one output: if the temperature is too low, the heat pump turns on and operates constantly at maximum output until the target temperature is reached. With an INVERTER model, the heat pump adjusts its output to the heating requirements and weather conditions. The result? An even quieter heat pump (up to 42Db, depending on type) at low speed, optimised electricity consumption (up to a COP of 16) and a longer lifetime.
inverter pool heat pump : Suitable for every season! The Azuro INVERTER is equipped with an automatic temperature controller and is protected against high and low water pressure. When there is not enough flow, the heat pump will automatically switch off.

Inverter heat pump connections

The heat pumps have two 50 mm connections that are screwed to the heat pump with a swivel. On these connections a transition can be placed to any pipe diameter.

Transporting inverter swimming pool heat pumps
This durable and environmentally friendly heat pump is made from PVC and titanium pipe, which can withstand long-term exposure to pool water. Our heat pumps are carefully packed to ensure safe transportation. Never lay the heat pump flat when transporting it yourself.

Inverter pool heat pump installations
We are happy to help you with the installation of your heat pump. Contact us or drop by our collection centre for more information or for the necessary fittings for a smooth installation of your heat pump.


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Azuro Inverter heat pumps Azuro Inverter heat pumps
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