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The most quiet heat pumps on the market. They heat the swimming pool up to 40C and are equivalent to the Duratech Plus heat pumps.

Harmo Powerpack

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The Harmo Powerpack heat pumps are the most extensive heat pumps within our gamma. These heat pumps have the same properties as the Duratech Plus heat pumps. Thanks to those decent properties they are suitable for every season.

This heat pump works up to an outside temperature of -10C and can heat your swimming pool up to a temperature of 40C. The temperature is adjustable with the digital display from 15C to 40C. These pumps are equipped with a defroster. The COP-value of the Harmo Powerpack is 5.5. This means that you recover 5.5 kW of warmth per 1 kW of electricity.

The Harmo Powerpack is easy to install by the do-it-yourselfer. The vertical (larger) models are delivered in an extra sturdy packaging and have a synthetic housing resistant to rust. The Harmo Powerpack is placed between sand filter and bypass. You can also let the heat pump be installed by a professional installer. Contact us without obligation to get in touch with a professional.


rudy-shop.eu ref: ZVWX3100
Brand Harmo Pool
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 1.495,00
COP 15T air 24T water 4,5
Wifi No
COP 27T air 24T water 5.9
Minimum outside temperature -10
Weight (kg) 64
Heating Capacity (kW) 27T air 6.8
Running current (A) 4,2
Heat exchanger Titanium
Refrigerant R410a
Power Input (kW) 1.2
Connection (mm) 50
Control panel Digital
Cabinet Stainless steel
Compressor quantity 1
Ventilators 1
Pressure gauge Yes
Fan Speed (RPM) 850
Sound at 2m (dB) 47
Weight refrigerant (kg) 0.9
Net weight (kg) 54
Nominal water flow (m/h) 2,2
Fan direction Horizontal
Compressor type rotary
Power Supply 220V
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZVWX3100

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Harmo Powerpack Harmo Powerpack
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