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heat pumps for swimming pools

A heat pump is one of the most economic and ecological kinds of swimming pool heating.

With a heat pump, you can heat your swimming pool to the desired temperature in an economic and ecological way. A heat pump is 6 times more efficient than the traditional electrical heating systems.


We offer you simple standard models and heat pumps of well-known brand names like Duratech.


A heat pump is connected to the filter pump. The filter pump needs a minimum power of 0.55kW for a correct functioning of the heating system. If using a filter pump with a lower voltage, the water flow could be insufficient and then the heat pump gives “a low flow alarm”.


A heat pump is weatherproof so it can be installed in open air. Each heat pump needs to be prepared for the winter in an appropriate way. This means that the water must be removed from the heat pump so that the water-pipes cannot freeze in the winter.

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