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Suitable for above-ground pools up to 457 cm in diameter or as additional heating for larger pools. The cheapest, fastest en safest way to heat your pool.

Intex 3kw Electric Swimming Pool Heater 28684

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Intex 3kw Electric Swimming Pool Heater 28684 [ZOIX9110]120,00
Intex 3kw Electric Swimming Pool Heater 28684

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Specifically designed for the Intex & Bestway swimming pools, compatible with all pools that have a pump.

How much is 3kW ? 3KW is approx. equal to a three bar electric fire.

Heater with safety standards Our heaters exceed European safety standards (TUV and CE approved)

: electric swimming pool heaters must be connected to the same electrical circuit as the filter pump. This way the heater cannot heat when there is no flow-through. The heater must always remain full of water. Install an electric heater on the pressure side of the pump, never on the suction side.

As the largest worldwide manufacturer of above-ground pools, Intex now conquers the market with this easy to use, inexpensive and efficient electric swimming pool heater. This heater is suitable for pools up to 457 cm in diameter and heats the water to a maximum of 35C. Or you can use the Intex electric heater as additional heating for larger pools. The temperature of a pool of 10 m rises 0.25C per hour with this heater. For a pool of 10 m this will take 2 hours.


The installation is very simple. Place the electric heater after the filter pump with the included accessories, plug it in and press the reset button on the plug. With a twist of the button your pool starts to heat. The Intex pool heater uses connections of 32 mm and is simply plugged in to the electric outlet (220-240 Volts).


Thanks to the different built-in safety systems you will enjoy this heater for many years. The built-in flow sensor ensures that the heat pump doesn't switch on when the water level is too low. The safety plug interrupts the power supply when a problem occurs in the electrical circuit. The thermostat protects the Intex pool heater against overheating. The built-in tilt sensor switches this pool heater off automatically when it falls over.


In combination with the solar panels from Intex you can warm up your pool more optimal than ever. When the sun shines, you can let nature run its course. When the sun doesn't shine you can help a hand and heat the water with the electric heater until it reaches the desired temperature.


  • Heater 3 kW with RCD plug
  • 1 connection hose of 155 cm with a diameter of 32 mm
  • Thermometer
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Tension rings


rudy-shop.eu ref: ZOIX9110
Brand Intex
Intex Part number 28684 | 56684
EAN13 078257286843
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 120,00
Display no
heating 10m water (C/ h) 0,24
Consumption (kW) 3.0
AMP 13
Connection (mm) 32
Power Supply 230V
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZOIX9110

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Intex 3kw Electric Swimming Pool Heater 28684 Intex 3kw Electric Swimming Pool Heater 28684
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