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The notion of "a caller is quicker" is outdated for us. To provide you with the quickest and best possible service, we have developed the following self-service module.

After answering 3 questions you are redirected to a form which allows you to consult our system about your order status, payment or shipments.

In 90% of all cases you will receive an answer to your question within seconds.

When the result isn't satisfactory or an intervention from one of our employees is needed(eg a general question, request a return, a warranty request, etc.), you can fill in the form with your question or complaint. That form will automatically end up with the responsible department. They will help you as soon as possible.

Please choose the situation which applies to you the most below.

I ordered but did not yet receive the goods
I ordered and received the goods or a part of the goods
My question is not regarding an order that I previously placed


If you know which form you need, then select it here: