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Swimming pool ionisator

An ionisator treats your water with metals.
Combat green water
Copper is the archenemy of algae. However copper is not soluble in water. An ionisator puts a small potential across a copper plate ionising some of the copper. Those ions do dissolve in water. That way copper can still be used in the fight against green water. Every 5 years the copper plate has to be replaced.

It is claimed that swimming pools with an ionisator need no or less chlorine. That’s not true. An ionisator only combats algae. You need less chlorine to keep the water clear, not to decontaminate it. To counteract bacteria, chlorine still has to be used.

Too much copper
Too much copper in the water has negative consequences. Blond hair can be discoloured and in extremely high doses, copper is even deadly. When there’s mould underneath the liner, black spots arise on the pool coating (swimming pools with tiles by example do not encounter this phenomenon). It is therefore important you measure the copper value of the water once every week.

Ionisator basic
Ionisator basic



Ionisator basic