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Salt electrolysis devices for in ground pools

Various salt electrolysers for all types of inground swimming pools.

Types of salt electrolysis devices

A salt electrolysis devic, also known as a chlorinator, converts salt into chlorine. How and to what extent varies from one device to another. For example, with some devices the water still has to be checked manually while other devices control everything automatically.

No control

Chlorinators without Redox control produce chlorine as soon as the filter pump starts. This production process does not stop until the filter pump stops again. It is important that you check the chlorine level of the water. You can only increase or decrease the chlorine level by running the filter pump more or less. Some of these devices can be upgraded with a Redox controller, while other devices donít have this option. In addition, the pH level must also be checked separately 

Including Redox control

Salt electrolysis devices including Redox control regulate the salt chlorine level autonomously. With these chlorinators you can run your pool pump without taking into account a too high or too low chlorine level. The Redox controller maintains the chlorine level by itself. However, the pH level has to be regulated separately.

Salt electrolysis with pH control and without Redox control

These devices maintain the pH level fully automatically, but not the chlorine content. As soon as the filter pump turns on, this device converts salt to chlorine. It is only when the filter pump stops that the production of chlorine stops. This means that you must check the chlorine level manually. Increasing or decreasing the chlorine level can only be done by running the filter pump more or less.

With Redox and pH control
Salt electrolysis devices with Redox and pH control are automated in all aspects. They maintain the chlorine level and regulate the pH level fully automatically.

Be sure to check the specification table for each product. Some chlorinators can still be expanded with a Redox controller, while others canít. However, it is always possible to control the pH level automatically with an external controller.