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The OPTIMUS ECO has one of the finest filter bags of all robots in our range. This pool robot does the bottom of the pool and the lower part of the walls and is suitable for all types of pools.

Optimus Eco wireless pool robot

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Optimus Eco wireless pool robot [ZWAX0220]
Optimus Eco wireless pool robot

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Optimus Eco battery operated wireless pool robot

The swimming pool robot OPTIMUS ECO is an electric robot designed to clean pool bottoms and the lower parts of pool walls. It has powerful motors and a filter bag with a filtration density of 2 microns. As a result, the pool is purified efficiently and quickly.

The OPTIMUS ECO is equipped with an intelligent control so that all you have to do is plug it in. The OPTIMUS ECO takes care of the real work. This smart pool robot cleans the bottom and walls of your pool without you having to intervene.

OPTIMUS ECO - The brushes

The swimming pool robot OPTIMUS ECO is equipped with PVC brushes suitable for any pool shape and any type of pool cover.

The drive and suction motor

The OPTIMUS ECO has two motors: a drive and a suction motor. The drive motor ensures that the wheels turn. The suction motor provides a filtration power of +16 m3 per hour. The swimming pool robot is equipped with a low voltage transformer for your safety.

Safety system pool robot

This robot is equipped with a professional security system. This system is activated as soon as the robot is no longer in the water. Even if the transformer is not switched on together with the robot, the safety system of the transformer will be activated within 10 to 15 seconds.

Obstacles in the pool?

If the robot encounters an obstacle during its work, it will try to continue its work. If an object is stuck between the brushes and the robot, the OPTIMUS ECO will try to remove it to continue its work.

User-friendly pool robot

The swimming pool robot OPTIMUS ECO is a very light appliance and therefore easy to handle. No complicated procedures or settings are required for perfect cleaning!

Thorough and complete

The OPTIMUS ECO uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Like this, the pool robot calculates the optimal route to clean your pool in the most efficient way possible.

After a completed cycle, the robot switches itself off automatically.

Easy to maintain

The OPTIMUS ECO pool robot uses filter cartridges. That is why this robot is much easier to maintain than swimming pool robots that use filter bags. You can easily rinse the filters with water.

This robot is equipped with filter baskets that can easily be removed from the top of the robot. You do not need to get your hands dirty. Remove the baskets and rinse them easily with the garden hose.




Table of contents
1. Introduction 5
2. Safety 5
3. Specifications 6
4. Instructions 7
4.1 Instructions for button and indicator 7
4.2 How to charge the battery 8
4.2.1 Remove the cleaner from the pool 8
4.3 Cleaning the filter trays 9
5. Installation of the foam cushions 11
6. Packing list 12
7. Warranty 12


1. Read the manual carefully and only use the cleaner in accordance with the manual. We shall not be liable for any loss or injury caused by improper use.
2. Do not cover the cleaner when charging the battery to prevent overheating. Leave your battery in the shade.
3. The adapter must be plugged into a leak-proof, grounded outlet during charging.
4. Only use the original adapter, do not use this adapter to charge other equipment. Before charging, make sure there is no water in the charging pins.
5.  Do not use the cleaner when there are people in the pool.
6. Do not move the cleaner out of the water.
7. Always clean and wash the filter container after use.
8. Store the cleaner in a cool and ventilated place away from direct sunlight.
9. The sealed Cleaner Drive Kit can only be disassembled by professionals.
10. It is prohibited to use the cleaner in an environment above 60 ℃ and charge in an environment below 0 ℃.
11. Charge the battery before it is fully discharged. Turn off the robot and charge the battery when you notice less power. Never charge a fully charged battery, overcharging will shorten battery life. Charge the battery at room temperature at 10C - 40C (50F - 104F). Allow a hot battery to cool down before charging. Charge the battery pack if it will not be used for a long period of time (more than six months).


1. Place the robot with the cleaning base facing the wall or lift it up to avoid scratching the pool. Hold the upper handle and turn the cleaner on. The robot will start working after the trapped air has been emptied (about 20s), after which the robot can be submerged in the pool.

2. The cleaner will stick to the bottom of the pool after finishing the treatment, use the hook to lift the cleaner out of the pool.

1. Introduction

The pool cleaning robot OPTIMUS ECO SWIMMING ROBOT is a new type of highly efficient and energy saving swimming pool cleaning robot. Thanks to its advanced computer-controlled program, it can automatically clean the walls and bottom of the pool. At the same time it filters the pool water and removes floating particles without replacing the pool water. It is completely environmentally friendly. For safe operation, the robot is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery (25.9V 7.8Ah).

2. Safety
2.1 See 4.2.1 for the correct loading position.
2.2 Only use the original adapter.
2.3 Switch off the cleaner while charging.
2.4 Do not clean the pool while charging.
2.5 It is forbidden to hit the battery box with sharp parts and to drop the battery box!
2.6 It is prohibited to use the cleaner in an environment colder than 0 ℃ or warmer than 60 ℃.

3. Specifications

Input voltage: 100Vac-240Vac
Output voltage: 50Hz/60Hz/60Hz
Rated output voltage of the adapter: 30V
Rated output power: 2A
Cycle time: 2h
Filter capacity: approx. 16m/min.
Porosity of filter: 180μm
Movement speed: approx. 10m/min.
Electrical insulation index: IPX8
Working environment temperature: 0℃ ~ +40℃;

Max. pool size: approx. 8 m x 4 m

4. Instructions
4.1 Instructions for button and indicator
a. Place the robot in the pool or lift it with the cleaning base towards the wall to avoid scratching the pool.

Number Instruction description
1 Switch the robot on or off
2 Indicator Blue light is constantly on: switch on
Blue light blinks: the cleaner is working
Yellow light flashes: low battery and device goes down to bottom
Yellow light is constantly on: device is on the bottom
Red light is constantly on: switch off
Red light flashing: malfunctions
Error Handling: If the red light flashes, turn the unit off and charge it, then put it back in the pool and turn it on. If the cleaner does not operate normally again, contact Customer Service.

4.2 how to charge the battery
4.2.1 Remove the cleaner from the pool.
Place the cleaner inside at least 3.5m away from the pool for recharging.
The red light indicates that the battery is charging. A green light indicates that charging is complete.

The color and condition of the indicator means
Green light is constantly lit Waiting for charging or the battery is not connected or the battery is fully charged
Red light glows constantly The battery is being charged
Red light blinks Low battery level or battery damaged

4.3 Cleaning the filter trays
4.3.1 Remove the filter trays: Press the opening button (4- 1), the top cover opens automatically (4-2), open the top cover (4-3), remove the filter basket ( 4- 4).

4-1 4-2

4-3 4-4

4.2.2 clean the filter box

Put the filter trays back in place, note the position and close the lid.

5. Installation of the foam cushions
Install the two foam pads under the top cover if the cleaner has difficulty climbing against the pool wall while the filters are clean. (These are additional parts that are only used in this special situation).

Open the cover and stick the self-adhesive foam pads in the location indicated. The same goes for another side.
To ensure good contact between the top cover and the foam cushions, the cleaner should only be put in water after 24 hours.

6. Packing list

Item Name Model Number of Purpose Note
2 adapter 1 In plastic bag
3 manual, certificate, safety cable and hook 1 In plastic bag

7. Warranty

This product has undergone various quality and safety tests carried out by the factory's technical service department.
Warranty information:
1. The warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase of the motors and electrical components and is determined in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code and the legal warranty against hidden defects and vices applies in any case in the terms and conditions of the articles in the country of purchase.
2.  The warranty is void if the product is handled or repaired by a non-authorized person within the framework of unauthorized repair services.
3.  Broken parts are not covered by the warranty.
4. The warranty only covers factory defects, it does not cover damage caused by misuse of the article.
5.  Any claim or repair made during the warranty period, is subject to presentation of the invoice.

rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWAX0220
Brand Harmo Pool
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 1.098,00
Kabel lenght (m) draadloos
Cycle number 1
Caddy No
Flow (m/h) 16
Remote NO
Cyclus 1
Cleans wall Yes
Cleans floor Yes
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWAX0220

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Optimus Eco wireless pool robot Optimus Eco wireless pool robot
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