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The best of the S-series and the strengths of the M-series combined in 1 unit: the Dolphin M600. The Dolphin M600 ensures maximum cleaning performance with minimum effort.

Dolphin Supreme M600 swimming pool robot

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Dolphin Supreme M600 swimming pool robot [EFSX6408]1.999,00
Dolphin Supreme M600 swimming pool robot

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M600 - the new Dolphin robotic pool cleaner

What makes this Dolphin robotic pool cleaner so special?

Maintaining and preparing your pool for fun is super easy with this superior robotic pool cleaner. The design is made for maximum cleaning performance and easy operation.

This robot has a microprocessor that optimizes and protects the operation of the robot. Thanks to this processor, the robot detects the walls and the waterline to determine the correct cleaning profile. In addition, the robot adapts to the type of coating (concrete, ceramic, liner, etc.).

M600 robotic pool cleaner: Advanced CleverClean Scanning System

The operation of the pump is adjusted to extend the life of the robot. If the robot encounters difficult areas (greasy or slippery soils) during its operation, it will accelerate. In short, the microprocessor ensures that the pool is cleaned systematically without any loss of time.

With the Advanced CleverClean Scanning System, the M600 robotic pool cleaner scans the pool to determine the most efficient route. This system includes a gyroscope. This gyroscope makes the robot very flexible and is suitable for pools of all shapes and sizes. Because of this, the robot does not lose time on obstacles, slopes and in corners.

What can I do with the app?

You can even operate it via the MyDolphin app. This gives you access to the M600 robot anytime and anywhere via Cloud connection (wifi).

Via the app you can choose from one of the 4 programs:
The application also has a weekly timer function, which makes it even easier for you since maintenance is done automatically. You can choose between a pool cleaning every day, every 2 days or every 3 days.
To take the robot out of the pool easily, it has a unique Pick-up Module where the robot itself comes to the waterline to take it out of the water. An extra advantage is the fast water release, which allows the water to flow out of the robot very quickly, making it easier to lift it out of the pool.

M600 DOLPHIN Specifications:

Ideal pool length: up to 15m.
Dynamic dual motor with PowerStream mobility system: the dual drive motor combined with the jets ensure precise 360 maneuverability and coverage of the pool (floor, walls and water line) regardless of shape, slope and obstacles.
Filtration: super efficient Multi-layer filter with indicator for a full filter and additional seal.
Brushes: double active brush. These brushes work in the opposite direction allowing them to scrub the dirt from the bottom even better.
Cable: 18m long knot-free cable, thanks to the swivel.
Weight: 11,5kg.
Caddy to drive the robot to the garden house or pool house.

Easy to use
This robotic pool cleaner is simple and easy to use. Just place it in your pool while holding the handle to let the air escape. Plug it into the mains and start the cleaning cycle. When its work is done, the M600 automatically turns itself off!
No prior installation is required for this M600. Moreover, this robot only needs minimal maintenance. The cable is equipped with floats which ensure that the cable does not become entangled.

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners: spare parts & repairs
Thanks to a good cooperation with Maytronics, the manufacturer of this type of robotic pool cleaner, you can buy the swimming robotic pool cleaner M600 from DOLPHIN at the lowest price and you can always contact us for spare parts.


rudy-shop.eu ref: EFSX6408
DOLPHIN Part number M600
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 1.999,00
Cycle number 3
Caddy Yes
Kabel lenght (m) 18
Flow (m/h) 17
Remote Yes
Filtration 2 cartridges
Cyclus 1 1.5h/2h/2.5h
Cleans wall Yes
Cleans floor Yes
Power Supply 230V
rudy-shop.eu ref: EFSX6408

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Dolphin Supreme M600 swimming pool robot Dolphin Supreme M600 swimming pool robot
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