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E20 DOLPHIN Explorer robotic pool cleaner

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E20 DOLPHIN Explorer robotic pool cleaner [ZFSX4120]
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E20 DOLPHIN Explorer robotic pool cleaner

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Robotic pool cleaner Dolphin E20

Dolphin E20 robotic pool cleaner cleans surfaces and walls

The Dolphin E20 is one of the most revolutionary robotic pool cleaners on the market for pools up to 10 meters. It cleans the surface as well as the walls in only 2 hours. Furthermore, it is ultra-light, energy efficient and extremely powerful. The PVC brush rotates twice as fast as the drive belts. As a result, algae and bacteria are easily released. It can be used in swimming pools with any surface and works in both above ground as well as in ground swimming pools.

User-friendly Dolphin robot

This lightweight robotic pool cleaner from Dolphin weighs only 6.5 kg and is equipped with a PVC brush. The low weight makes this robot easy to handle for the whole family. The fine-mesh filter basket is emptied and rinsed out in no time. In addition, it holds both large and small dirt particles. The filter basket is placed in the top of the robotic pool cleaner. This makes it easily accessible.

Dolphin E20 robotic pool cleaner specifications

The Dolphin E20 has a cable of 15 meters. Therefore, this robotic pool cleaner is suitable for pools up to 10 meters in length. The powerful E20 has 1 cycle with a suction power of 17m per hour. This means that your pool can be completely cleaned in just 2 hours, both the surface and the walls. The mesh size of the filter basket is 70 micron or 0.07 mm.

Dolphin E20 robotic pool cleaners safety guarantees

The Dolphin E20 operates at 220 Volt which is converted to low voltage by a low voltage transformer. This guarantees your safety. Please never step into the pool while the robot is busy cleaning.

Lowest price & service for Dolphin robotic pool cleaners

Thanks to a good collaboration with Maytronics, the manufacturer of this type of robot, and out large purchase volume, we can get you the E20 swimming robotic pool cleaner at the lowest price. Contact us if you find a similar robot for cheaper elsewhere. You can always contact us for spare parts of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners. Moreover, we always keep this robot in stock so we can guarantee an immediate delivery time.


rudy-shop.eu ref: ZFSX4120
EAN13 3661145500686
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 878,00
Kabel lenght (m) 15
Cycle number 1
Caddy No
Weight (kg)
Flow (m/h) 17
Cleaning cycles 1
Remote NO
Cyclus 1
Cleans floor Yes
Cleans wall Yes
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZFSX4120

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E20 DOLPHIN Explorer robotic pool cleaner E20 DOLPHIN Explorer robotic pool cleaner
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