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The Dolphin Supereme M5 Liberty is the first wireless robotic pool cleaner!

Dolphin Supreme M5 Liberty - Wireless robotic pool cleaner

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Dolphin Supreme M5 Liberty - Wireless robotic pool cleaner [EFSX6410]2.676,00
Dolphin Supreme M5 Liberty - Wireless robotic pool cleaner

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With the Dolphin Supreme M5 Liberty you get maximum performance for minimum effort. It is wireless and therefore battery operated and is made for any pool up to 15 m long. It is especially suitable for pools with irregular shapes and accessories such as bridges, fountains, pillars and other objects that could get in the way of a robot with a cable.

The M5 Liberty brushes, scrubs and filters your entire pool including floor, walls and waterline. Thanks to the scan program an optimal coverage of the pool is guaranteed. Furthermore, the robot has a mechanism to avoid obstacles, which ensures a continuous maintenance-free use of the device.


- Wireless, with a battery that charges in just 3 hours.
- Three brushes instead of two for extra scrubbing efficiency.
- Triple filtration with double filter cartridge.
- One-way valve for draining without loss of waste.
- Indicator when the filter is full.
- Caddy included.

Weekly program

The weekly program means that the robots drive the same route every day.
If you opt for a fortnightly cleaning cycle, the robot can be left in the water, for example, when you go on holiday. You can also take it out of the water.

Attention: taking the robot out of the water will cause the brushes to dry out after a long period of time. Leaveing the robot in the water all year round is no problem. However, it is recommended to take the robot out of the water if there is a chance.


rudy-shop.eu ref: EFSX6410
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 2.676,00
Caddy Yes
Kabel lenght (m) draadloos
Cycle number 1
Length swimming pool( m) 15m
Flow (m/h) 17
Remote Yes
Cleans floor Yes
Cleans wall Yes
Filter (micron) 5
rudy-shop.eu ref: EFSX6410

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Dolphin Supreme M5 Liberty - Wireless robotic pool cleaner Dolphin Supreme M5 Liberty - Wireless robotic pool cleaner
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