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Robotic cleaners

You choose a swimming pool cleaner on the basis of price and ease of use. Our range is large. This doesn't make for an easy choice. You can already find some more explanation below.

Electric Robots
An electric robot takes care of the entire cleaning process. You plug it in, let it into the water, switch it on and ... done! The robot decides his route over the bottom (and in some cases also on the sides) by itself. When it is finished, it switches itself off. The dirt is collected in an extremely fine and reusable filter bag.

Automatic pool cleaners are electric machine which automatically and autonomously clean the bottom, the walls and sometimes even the waterline of your swimming pool. The filtration system ensures that dirt will be efficiently eliminated out of your swimming pool. In addition, those pool cleaners are easy to use.

Rudy-shop.eu offers you an extensive range of automatic pool cleaners of different brands like Aquaproducts, Maytronics and Zodiac. We would like to help you by finding the most suitable pool cleaner for your swimming pool.