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Water treatment swimming pool

Extremely important
Swimming pool water offers the perfect circumstances for bacteria and fungi to develop. Whether you are in possession of a large, small, inground or above ground swimming pool, treating the water remains extremely important. Disinfection with chlorine is the best known and most commonly used method.

Fortunately there are a whole lot of other possibilities. People with a chlorine allergy are not served by a swimming pool that makes use of chlorine. On this page you can find a lot of alternatives as well as the ability to fully automate your water treatment.

Custom advice
Our water treatment expert is glad to help you further. Contact us for all your questions about the various water treatment possibilities and together we will search for the most suitable method.

Swimming pool water treatment can be done manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. Modern products have evolved so much that they now make manual treatment a breeze that only takes about fifteen minutes per week.

Semi-automatic water treatment includes equipments such as chlore and brome dispensers, pH pumps or Redox pumps. Human intervention is required for chemicals refilling. Dosing units can be integrated to the swimming pool system by inline or bypass mode.

Fully automatic water treatment includes salt electrolyzers, ionisators, water ozonators, UV disinfection systems. Such equipments are free from human intervention except for common maintenance.