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Pool family swimming pool supply : peristaltic pumps

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Pool family swimming pool supply : peristaltic pumps

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Pool family swimming pool supply : peristaltic pumps [ZWMX7500]
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Fast Family WIFI [ZWMX7506]1.599,00
Pool family swimming pool supply : peristaltic pumps

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Chemical dosage pumps
ABS Thermo-formed elegant panel
Two MP1 -pH/Rx, Peristaltic dosing pumps with on-board pH/Rx
Digital display for reading and programming.
Easy programming and calibration, possible with just two buttons and a
digital display.
T.A.L. security system timed alarm for product end and electrode health
testing system.
Low-Level Switch Possibility.
Recycling pump dosing consense Possibility.
Bath type electrode holder, with one 50 microns filter ahead.
Supplied assembled and ready for usage.
Supplied complete with an installation kit.

The white dosing hose in the dosing device must be replaced preventively every year. In the event of hose breakage, the chemicals flow into the dosing pump with the risk of irreparable damage to the dosing pump.

In general there are 5 mechanisms through which the dosing hose can break:

A. The dosing hose is at the end of its life (with chemical compatibility) after 500/600 performance hours
B. Dosage of incompatible products with the "Santoprene" material of the dosing tube (PH regulation with HCI)
C. Increase of chemicals. Bottle with cling and acid on the pumps / pumps mounted on the vertical bus.
D. The check valve of the pump or the injection can be blocked by limestone (more often in calcareous waters. These must be regularly decanted, by dismantling the tubes and placing them in a descaling liquid (HCl, Vinegar, descaler coffee maker)
E. Empty dosing vessel, as a result of which the peristaltic pump keeps running and the 500/600 hours of running time can be reached very quickly

rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWMX7500 ZWMX7506
Brand Microdos
warranty 2 years guarantee 2 years guarantee
Price 1.499,00 1.599,00
Proportional dosing Yes
Insert for dosing 1/2" external thread
Digital display / programming Yes
Insert for electrodes 1/2" external thread
Seperate measurement / mixing chamber for pH Yes
Seperate measurement / mixing chamber for chlorine Yes
dimensions (cm) 45x51x14 45x51x14
Calibration required? Yes Yes
Ref. replaceable electrode ZWMX2050 & ZWMX2052 ZWMX2050 & ZWMX2052
Suitable for dosing pH- Yes
Suitable for dosing pH Yes
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWMX7500 ZWMX7506

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Pool family swimming pool supply : peristaltic pumps Pool family swimming pool supply : peristaltic pumps
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