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Pre-assembled chlorine and pH and pH + doser with display for an extremely simple installation.

Harmo Pool twin

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Harmo Pool twin [ZWMX7520]1.099,00

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Harmo Pool twin with flow switch without level switches [ZWMX7522]1.398,00
Harmo Pool twin

More then 10 in stock for online ordering, Expected delivery time is 1 to 3 business days after receipt of payment.

Harmo Pool twin with flow switch without level switches

More then 10 in stock for online ordering, Expected delivery time is 1 to 3 business days after receipt of payment.

These pre-assembled chlorine and pH dosers are a revolution in the pool world. Done with difficult technical installations. They have already happened. You will receive both the chlorine and pH doser pre-assembled on a plate. The hardest thing happened. The rest is child's play.
Display and dosage

Unlike the Microdos Pool twin, this Harmo Pool twin contains a display. This allows you to read the values ​​of the pool water digitally and you have a choice menu with multiple options. Moreover, with the Harmo Pool twin you can dose both pH and pH + (but of course never at the same time). Read the manual carefully.

The Harmo Pool twin can dose proportionally: the closer to the end point, the more slowly the dosing units add the products.

All you have to do is connect the pool pipes and give the plate a place in your technical room. Then place the measuring probes in the pre-assembled saddles and insert the dividers into a water bottle with the desired liquid product. Read the manual carefully to determine which fluids you need for which application.

The green casing that surrounds the probe should be removed when the probe is put to use. It is advisable to keep this up to date so that you can put it back on the probe if you are disconnected in winter. It is important that the probes are always in water.

After the winter
You must calibrate the probes at the first start-up or at the start-up after a winter. This is done with the buttons next to the display. If the calibration is correct, the values ​​are as follows: pH = 7.0 0.1. Redox = 468 10mV.

During the season
If the swimming pool season lasts for a long time, you can also calibrate during the season or if you're in doubt whether the values ​​are displayed correctly. When calibrating during the season, you should first rinse the probe with clear water in a jar to keep the calibration fluid clean. Normally, calibrating 3x in a year is more than sufficient.

After the calibration
After the calibration, you may place the probes back, you do not have to dry them. Never leave the jars with calibration liquid open so that you can use them later.

The white dosing hose in the dosing device must be replaced preventively every year. In the event of hose breakage, the chemicals flow into the dosing pump with the risk of irreparable damage to the dosing pump.

In general there are 5 mechanisms through which the dosing hose can break:

A. The dosing hose is at the end of its life (with chemical compatibility) after 500/600 performance hours
B. Dosage of incompatible products with the "Santoprene" material of the dosing tube (PH regulation with HCI)
C. Increase of chemicals. Bottle with cling and acid on the pumps / pumps mounted on the vertical bus.
D. The check valve of the pump or the injection can be blocked by limestone (more often in calcareous waters. These must be regularly decanted, by dismantling the tubes and placing them in a descaling liquid (HCl, Vinegar, descaler coffee maker)
E. Empty dosing vessel, as a result of which the peristaltic pump keeps running and the 500/600 hours of running time can be reached very quickly



rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWMX7520 ZWMX7522
Brand Harmo Pool
Harmo Pool
warranty 2 years guarantee 2 years guarantee
Price 1.099,00 1.398,00
Calibration required? Yes Yes
Ref. replaceable electrode ZWMX2050 & ZWMX2052 ZWMX2050 & ZWMX2052
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWMX7520 ZWMX7522

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Harmo Pool twin Harmo Pool twin
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