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Harmo Pool Control Quatro- Plug and play control device APP included

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Harmo Pool Control Quatro- Plug and play control device APP included [ZWMX7530-P]2.275,00
Harmo Pool Control Quatro- Plug and play control device APP included

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Harmo pool control quatro- plug and play control device, APP included
Pool water treatment unit with APP

The Harmo Pool Quatro brings about an incipient revolution that will continue and develop in the rapidly growing pool world. With our own produced plug and play device, with accompanying app for Android and iPhone, you can measure and adjust various parameters such as temperature and water quality of your pool automatically. You can remotely control the filter pump, add chlorine, check pH, start and stop lights, UV lamp or a heat pump.
Plug your device into one of the four power outlets on the electrical cabinet, set your preference via the application and you can relax and watch how filter pump, water treatment and heating work together in harmony to control your pool. Ideal for swimming pool owners who don't always have the time to monitor their pool daily or for swimming pools abroad.

Swimming pool control panel
The control panel has two connection cables; a plug that can be used for general power supply and the differential plug to connect a heat pump if necessary. There are four sockets on the control panel to which you can connect any electrical device. Usually, the plugs of the appliance are used as follows: the first serves to connect the filter pump, the second for the pumps for pH and chlorine control (via chlorine pump or salt electrolysis) and the latter can be used for a possible heat pump.

What you can measure and use
The Harmo Pool Quatro is pre-assembled with a pH, Redox (= chlorine content) and temperature probe (T) all with a 5 m cable and an Ethernet cable (X) of 1.5 m. Optionally, you can connect a flow switch, two additional temperature measurements and two level probes. Via the Ethernet cable you can easily connect your pool to your network. If there is no Ethernet connection in the pool house, you can use a Powerline extension (= connect to the internet via the electricity grid). Once everything is connected, you are only one step away from an intelligent swimming pool.

Harmopool app
Our Harmo Pool app for both Android and iPhone makes your pool intelligent. With this app you can steer both manually and automatically. With the app you can see data up to 7 days in the past. Furthermore, there are several security measures in place. For example, you can set that no pH or chlorine can be dosed if the filter pump is not working.

In the winter, you can start the filter pump if the outside temperature reaches freezing point. The app is easy to use so that it can be used by everyone. What completes the app is that from any location (including abroad) you can always read the values of your pool and, if necessary, make adjustments. With this control panel you get the latest technology for your pool! Should you have any further questions, you can always download our manual below and turn to one of our stores. For tinkerers it is possible to expand this unit with two extra temperature measurements, an extra flow switch, two extra level measurements, three extra plugs and an automatic 3-way valve.

- Dimensions control box: 16x24x26cm. - Weight: 7kg.


rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWMX7530-P
Brand Harmo Pool
Harmo Pool Part number 11.130.080
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 2.275,00
Calibration required? Yes
dimensions (cm) 16x24x26cm
Weight (kg) 7kg
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWMX7530-P

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Harmo Pool Control Quatro- Plug and play control device APP included Harmo Pool Control Quatro- Plug and play control device APP included
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