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Pool cleaners are designed to clean your swimming pool. There are a lot of cleaning devices. At Rudy-shop.eu, you can choose between electric pool robots, manual cleaners, hydraulic cleaners and cleaners which work on batteries. In addition, we offer you separate parts of pool cleaners.

Rudy-shop.eu offers you an extensive range of pool cleaners of different brands like Aquaproducts, Zodiac and Watertech. We would like to help you by finding the most suitable pool cleaner for your swimming pool.

Manual cleaner
With a manual swimming pool cleaner you perform the cleaning yourself with the aid of a telescopic arm. You connect the pool cleaner to the sand filter pump with a flexible connection hose. The filter pump sucks the dirty water to the sand filter.

Hydraulic cleaner
A hydraulic pool cleaner works like an electric robot but without a filter bag. This cleaner is connected to the sand filter with a flexible connection hose. The hydraulic pool cleaner works on the power of the pump. Some models also clean the sides.

Battery powered pool cleaner
With a battery powered pool cleaner you perform the cleaning yourself. These cleaners are not connected to the sand filter. They are equipped with a reusable filter bag. With a telescopic arm you can enlarge your reach.