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Simple and inexpensive way to test the water. This tester can be used countless times and will last for years.

Test-kit Chlorine and pH

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Test-kit Chlorine and pH [ZWMX1120]13,00
Test-kit Chlorine and pH

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Keep pool water clean - measuring is knowing!

Cheapest way of testing

pH value and Chlorine testing
With this tester you can easily check the chlorine and pH value of the pool water. By doing this once or twice a week, you can easily keep your water clean. At a pH value lower than 7, the chlorine decomposes much faster. At a pH value higher than 7,6, chlorine is less effective. A correct pH is the base of clean water.

If the wall or bottom of the pool feels slippery, the chlorine content is too low and you will first have to correct the pH and then the chlorine content. Smooth walls and soils are the first signs of algae growth. By keeping the chlorine and pH levels at the same level, you limit the growth possibilities of algae.

Free Chlorine and pH Test Kit
Check pH and Chlorine livel regularly (1 or 2x per week)

A correct pH is the basis of a clean pool.

If the poolwater is out of control, allways correct pH before doing anything else.


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rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWMX1120

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Test-kit Chlorine and pH Test-kit Chlorine and pH
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