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Chlorine stabilizer ensures that chlorine stays in the pool up to two times longer.

Chlorine stabilizer 2kg

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Chlorine stabilizer 2kg

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Chlorine stabilizer
Chlorine stabilizer is a product that make sure that the level of isocyanuric acid remains optimal in the pool. The level of isocyanuricin in the bath rises naturally. If this becomes too high, chlorine will evaportate and thus be less effective. Therefore, you can use a stabilizer to lower the level of cyanuricin.

It should be added best when filling the pool or when fresh water is added after a heavy rainfall. Use test strips to measure the cyan content of the water. This should be between 20 to 35ppm. Add the product and let it circulate in the water.


rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWCX1122
Brand Harmo Pool
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 26,00
Weight (kg) 2
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZWCX1122

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Chlorine stabilizer 2kg Chlorine stabilizer 2kg
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