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Wireless pool vacuum cleaner with large filter and rechargeable batteries. Come and check out this pool vacuum cleaner in our shops.

Telsa 80 Kokido

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Telsa 80 Kokido [ZKOX0007]
Telsa 80 Kokido

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Telsa 80 pool vacuum cleaner

Wireless pool vacuum cleaner Telsa 80

The Telsa 80 wireless pool vacuum cleaner from Kokido runs on rechargeable batteries. This pool vacuum cleaner has a handle and a connection for a telescopic arm. This makes this pool vacuum cleaner suitable for the largest pools and the smallest spas.

Telsa 80: operates independently of the filter pump

The Telsa 80 is equipped with its own engine and filter bag. No more hassle with flexible bowels. The filter bag is large enough to clean an entire pool at once.  Due to the strong internal motor, this pool vacuum cleaner operates completely independently of the filter pump. The reinforced brushes ensure efficient cleaning while the wheels glide smoothly over the surface.

Telsa pool vacuum cleaners

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rudy-shop.eu ref: ZKOX0007
Brand Kokido
Kokido Part number EV80CBX/17/EU
EAN13 844268010995
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 189,00
Telescopic steel No
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZKOX0007

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Telsa 80 Kokido Telsa 80 Kokido
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