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The strongest battery powered vacuum cleaner in our range. High suction force and delivered with rechargeable batteries.

Pool Blaster swimming pool maintenance

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Pool Blaster swimming pool maintenance [ZFSX5110]
Pool Blaster swimming pool maintenance

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The Pool Blaster Max disposes of a very large storage capacity for dirt.The pump of this vacuum cleaner is so powerful that she filters 10 m³ per hour. The rechargeable battery lasts 1 hour and is fully recharged in 4 hours.

Easy to use

The mouthpiece is removable. This way you can easily reach the smallest corners. The filter bag is simple to remove and to rinse. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with brushes which reinforces the grip on the sides and the subsurface.

•Rechargeable 300-500 cycle battery w/Quick-Connect Plug
•Long life, 8-10 hour recharger
•Hi-Flow Vacuum Motor
•On-Board Debris Catcher with Reusable, All-Purpose & Micro-Filter Sand
•Built-In Hanging, Storage Notch
•Quick Release Telescopic Pole Connector
•Easy-Grip Handle For Step, Stair & Surface Cleaning
•Wide Diameter (1") Spot-Cleaning Nozzle
•Dent, ding, and fade proof ; lightweight body
•Built-in hanging storage notch

•Power Rating: 300
•Scrubbing Brushes: Yes
•Cleaning Coverage Sq. Ft/ Hour: 1771 Sq ft Hr
•Battery Recharger Included: Yes
•Run Time: Up to 1 hr on a full charge
•Vacuum Head Width: 10 3/4"
•Crevice Corner Nozzle: Yes
•Unit Size: 15.5” x 6.5” x 7.5”
•Unit Weight: 5.5 lbs
•Warranty: 1 year electronic related components, 90 days for battery. Excludes filter bag and vacuum head and nose cap parts and accessories.



rudy-shop.eu ref: ZFSX5110
Brand Water Tech
Water Tech Part number 800015
EAN13 894331001016
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 304,00
Telescopic steel No
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZFSX5110

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Pool Blaster swimming pool maintenance Pool Blaster swimming pool maintenance
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