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Pool Blaster MAX CG Li , newest and most comprehensive version Watertech vacuum cleaners

Pool Blaster Max Li CG

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Pool Blaster Max Li CG [ZFSX5109]
Pool Blaster Max Li CG

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Pool Blaster MAX CG Li pool cleaner

In 2021, the highly successful Pool Blaster Max will have a brother that is twice as powerful as the conventional battery-powered electric pool cleaner!

It is also the first pool cleaner that can withstand the comparison in power with a traditional pool pump.

The advantages are immense:

No more hassle with hoses in the pool
No water loss through backwash after every vacuuming
Fine meshed filtration through an integrated, reusable dust bag
Removable vacuum so you can even reach the smallest corners (ladders, roller shutters)

Contents of the package

Pool Blaster MAX CG Li
Rechargeable 300-500 Lithium battery (8 to 10 hours for full charge)
Charger for the batteries
Reusable filter bag

So don't hesitate, get this powerful top product now. Please note that a telescopic handle is not included, so don't forget to buy it.



rudy-shop.eu ref: ZFSX5109
Brand Water Tech
warranty 2 years guarantee
Price 349,00
Telescopic steel No
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZFSX5109

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Pool Blaster Max Li CG Pool Blaster Max Li CG
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