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Swimming pool cleaners and accessories

Scoop-nets, brushes, leaf catchers, ... everything against impurities in the water.
With the right cleaning attributes you can optimize the efficiency of chemicals by scrubbing impurities from the liner or removing them from the water surface.

Cleaning the swimming pool is important for optimizing the efficiency of chemicals. While swimming, several impurities end up in the water. Think about sunscreen, sweat, sand, This sludge settles on the liner and accelerates the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae.

Our range
A decent assortment of cleaning products is indispensable. Below you can find everything to manually clean your swimming pool. From sponges for the walls and the waterline to landing-nets for the bottom and the water surface. All our brushes and landing-nets fit on our telescopic arm of 2.40 or 3.60 meters.