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Automatic pool cover above ground

This overhead cover is placed on the edge of the pool and is available with or without protector felt.


We have white, coloured, or solar covers. We offer both PVC and PC (polycarbonate) slats. Polycarbonate is more expensive but is more durable and ensures a better retention of the water temperature. When you opt for solar, you automatically choose the wooden cover to protect the cover from overheating. An automatic cover protects your pool from heat loss. This saves a lot of energy. A solar cover will also heat up the water a few degrees.

Please note that that if you choose solar slats, the filtration of your pool can not be turned off. In stagnant water the slats do not cool off enough and they can be damaged. It is important for all kinds of slats that they are not in the plain sun when not in the water. Overheating may lead to distortion. We advise you to choose coloured slats in combination with solar heating (if you have enough space). If you are heating your pool with a heating pump, solar slats are a good option.

It is very simple to assemble the slats or to replace a damaged one. There are two ways. If you use the click method, you hook up the slats one end to another. If you use the sliding method, you insert the male side of the slat into the female side and you slide them together. Make sure that the slats won’t get stuck. Each slat consists of three parts. Each part contains air which optimizes the buoyancy and reduces heat loss.

Safety is one of the most important characteristics of an automatic swimming pool cover. In France, it is mandatory to provide each swimming pool with a certified safety system. A swimming pool cover is one of these certified safety systems. French brands have the key switch on the cover itself. So your eyes are always directed at the pool while closing the cover.

The cover is tailored to your pool making it perfectly sealed. When ordering, specify the measurements of your pool. You have to measure the width on 5 different places. The narrowest passage in the pool is used for the calculation of the length of the slats. When the weather is warm, the slats will expand. The delivered slats will always be a few inches narrower than the pool itself.

Note: You can only use one type of ladder if you have a pool cover.

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