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Harmo Powerpack WiFi

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Harmo Powerpack WiFi 13.8 kW [ZVWX3120]2.995,00Not in stock

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Harmo Powerpack WiFi 18.2kW [ZVWX3125]3.495,00
Harmo Powerpack WiFi 13.8 kW

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Harmo Powerpack WiFi 18.2kW

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Wifi module
The Harmo Powerpack Wi-Fi truly sets itself apart from other pool heaters with its Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature allows you to control your heat pump anywhere in the world. Adjust the temperature of your pool anytime, anywhere, from your smartphone or tablet.

Arriving in Spain, youre on vacation, no stress. Suddenly, you remember you forgot to turn off your pool heater. Just log in using the application and switch it off with your smartphone. Youre at work, but you feel like having a pool party tonight? Go for it! Grab your smartphone and get your pool heated in time. Snoozing in bed on a Sunday morning but your guests are arriving in the afternoon? No need to get up, just turn it on with the app.

The app
The iOS and Android application enables you to turn your smart device into a very advanced remote control. It provides you with a great deal of technical information that can help you save energy and effort. Download and install Pool Heater from Google Play if you have an Android device, or Phnix WaterHeater from the App Store for Apple devices.

Options and options
Within the application, you can find a wide range of options. Evidently, you can heat or cool your pool, but you also get the option to maintain a stable temperature. You can set a timer to heat your pool at certain times of the day, to save energy. On top of all that, your pool heater provides you with useful information such as energy curves, temperature curves for your pool and ambient air temperature and even exhaust temperatures. Should you run into trouble with this heat pump, the app enables you to contact Powerpack Wi-Fi  directly for technical support.

Three connections
There are three different ways to connect to the Powerpack Wi-Fi. The module on the heater can broadcast its own Wi-Fi signal, so you can connect directly to the module. Of course, this has limited range. Want more? Connect the module to your home network and you can go as far as your home network goes. But it doesnt end there. Once that is done, you can use the barcode and password of your pool heater to log in remotely and connect anywhere in the world!



rudy-shop.eu ref: ZVWX3120 ZVWX3125
Brand Harmo Pool
Harmo Pool
Harmo Pool Part number PASRW030 PASRW040
warranty 2 years guarantee 2 years guarantee
Price 2.995,00 3.495,00
COP 27T air 24T water 6.57 6.57
Minimum outside temperature -15 -15
Wifi Yes Yes
Heating Capacity (kW) 27T air 14.5 19.1
Running current (A) 10,4 13,4
Heat exchanger Titanium Titanium
Air Flow (m/h) 3000 4000
Power Input (kW) 2.16 3.09
Connection (mm) 50 50
Control panel Digital Digital
Compressor quantity 1 1
Ventilators 1 1
Sound at 2m (dB) 54 56
Fan Speed (RPM) 850 850
Net weight (kg) 57 84
Fan direction Horizontal Horizontal
Nominal water flow (m/h) 4,5 6
Compressor type rotary rotary
Power Supply 220V 220V
rudy-shop.eu ref: ZVWX3120 ZVWX3125

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Harmo Powerpack WiFi Harmo Powerpack WiFi
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