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The cheapest shutter on the market . Answers to the strict French safety standards. Completely developed for the do-it-yourselfer.

Open Néo: automatic pool cover

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When it comes to safety, you cannot be picky enough. That is also what they thought at Hydra-Système when they designed the Zoé. Every part of this above-ground pool shutter is developed with safety in mind. The installation is simple and you can't find a better price for this quality.


The front and back contain safety locks. With most swimming pool covers they are optional. With the Zoé they are included. Hydra-Système guarantees the safety of little children for 100%. Nobody can get into the water when the shutter is closed. Even a grown man can't fall through the Zoé. The French safety standards are among the strictest in the world. The slats of the Zoé answer to the French norm NF P 90 - 308. This means they are included in the law as a recognized safety system.

The installation

Aside from safety, user friendliness was the biggest concern. The Zoé is fully designed for the self builder. Both support columns can shift 6 cm. This way this cover always fits perfectly on the edge of your swimming pool. On the roll there is some calculated space. The cover corrects itself and closes the pool perfectly. Even when the support columns aren't completely parallel.


Still don't trust it? Then trust our expertise. And that of Hydra-Système! The company exists 18 years and has already sold more than 17,000 swimming pool covers throughout all of Europe. That is why they have been a reliable and stable partner of Rudy-shop.eu for many years.



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Open Néo: automatic pool cover Open Néo: automatic pool cover
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Open Néo: automatic pool cover Made in France